Takeit API Terms of Service

The following terms and conditions (the "API Terms of Service") govern your access to, and use, of our proprietary application programming interface, including our 'REST API' or 'Websocket API' (collectively, the " Takeit API") and the related documentation, the current version of which is located https://developer.takeit.world/ (the " Takeit API Documentation"), all of which are designed to facilitate your access to, and use of, our Services (as defined in the Terms of Service).

These API Terms of Service supplements, and forms part of, our standard terms of service, the current version of which is located at: https://takeit.world/policy/terms_of_service ("Terms of Service"). Accordingly, capitalized terms used, but not defined in these API Terms of Service, have the meanings set out in the Terms of Service.

1. Use of the Takeit API and Takeit API Documentation

a) API Keys Required to Access the Takeit API. In order to use the Takeit API, you must first sign up for an account through the Site (as defined in the Terms of Service). Certain authenticated features and functionality available through the Takeit API require an authentication key. If you wish to access these features and functionality through the Takeit API, you must further generate one or more API keys (each, an "API Key"). You acknowledge that such API Keys are our confidential information and will not share your API Keys with any third party without our prior consent. In addition, we may revoke your API Keys any time without our consent.
b) Use of the Takeit API. Subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions hereunder, you may use the Takeit API solely in accordance with these API Terms of Service and the Takeit API Documentation.
c) Licence to Takeit API Documentation. We hereby grant to you a revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferrable license to access and use the Takeit API Documentation solely to facilitate your development of applications that interface with the Services in accordance with these API Terms of Service and the Takeit API Documentation (each such application, an "Application").
d) Open Source Libraries. From time to time, we may make available to you our libraries that assist you with the development of Applications, such as our Go, Node.js and Ruby libraries (such libraries, the " Takeit Open Source Libraries"). The Takeit Open Source Libraries are governed by open source licenses selected by us that accompany the source code and you acknowledge and understand that it is your responsibility to review such licenses carefully and to comply with the terms and conditions contained therein.
e) API Call Limitations. The number of calls you or your Application makes to the Takeit API during any given period may be limited, at our sole discretion, based on various factors that include the manner in which your Application makes calls to the Takeit API and the anticipated volume of use associated with your Application.
f) Changes to the Takeit API. We reserve the right to change the Takeit API and Takeit API Documentation at any time and without notice. You acknowledge and understand that these changes may require you to make substantial changes to your Application at your own cost and expense. It is your responsibility to review the Takeit Documentation and these API Terms of Service regularly.
g) Suspension or Revocation of Access. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we retain the right, at our sole discretion, to suspend or revoke your access to the Takeit API, at any time and for any reason, including for: (i) violation of these API Terms of Service; (ii) your use of the Takeit API contrary to the Takeit API Documentation; (iii) for scheduled maintenance; or (iv) to address any emergency security concerns.

2. Takeit API Use Restrictions.

You will not use or access the Takeit API in any way not expressly permitted under these API Terms of Service or the Takeit API Documentation. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you will not:

a) develop any Applications that: (i) are fraudulent or misleading; (ii) infringe on any third party's intellectual property rights or rights of publicity or privacy; (iii) are defamatory, trade libellous, threatening, or harassing; (iv) contain any viruses or other computer programming routines that may damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept, or expropriate any system or data; (v) replicate or attempt to replace the essential user experience of the Services or any of our other products or services; or (vi) otherwise violate any applicable Law;
b) modify, decompile, reverse engineer, or otherwise alter the Takeit API;
c) use the Takeit API in any manner that may threaten the security or functionality of the Takeit API or our Services;
d) use the Takeit API to circumvent the intended features, functionality or limitations of the Services; or
e) perform any vulnerability, penetration or similar testing on the Takeit API.

3. Data

a) Data That You Transmit Using the Takeit API. You grant to us an irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid-up, transferable and sublicensable licence during the term of use of the Takeit API to access, collect, store and use any data, information, records and files that: (i) you load, transmit to or enter into the Takeit API ("Transmitted Data"); or (ii) that we collect from your usage of the Takeit API, to: (1) develop, enhance and make available the Takeit API and the Services; and (2) to produce data, information or other materials that are not identified as relating to you or any particular individual or company (such data, information and materials, the "Aggregated Statistical Information").
b) Data That You Collect Using the Takeit API. The Takeit API may allow you to collect information or data available on or through the Services, including data or information: (i) from or about other users of the Services; and (ii) collected by Takeit or made available by third parties (collectively, the " Takeit Data"). You may only use such Takeit Data for your internal purposes or within your Application and will not disclose, sell or transfer any Takeit Data without our prior written consent. Accordingly, you will exercise reasonable safeguards to protect Takeit Data from unauthorized access or use.
c) No Use Rights to Takeit Data Containing Personal Information. You may not use any Takeit Data that contains any information about any identifiable individuals (such information, "Personal Information") and will promptly delete such Personal Information in your possession or control upon becoming aware of such Personal Information.
d) Deletion of Takeit Data. You will immediately delete any and all Takeit Data: (i) upon our request or the request of any individual or company in respect of which such Takeit Data relates; (ii) when your access to the Takeit API is suspended or revoked; (iii) when you deactivate your Application or otherwise remove its integration from the Takeit API; or (iv) when it is no longer reasonably required by you or your Application.

4. Monitoring Usage of API

You acknowledge and agree that we may monitor your use of the Takeit API and that you will not block or otherwise interfere with our monitoring.